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About Services

Services with Exceptional Style.

Logan Eye Care offers a wide range of optometric services to suit your sight needs.

> Eye Examinations

Thorough, comprehensive eye exams are provided for ages five and older. Examination includes dilation of the eyes and photo documentation.

> Exceptional Eyewear

Our exceptional eyewear selection allows for the individual expression of each unique patient. Your eyewear choice is important for your appearance, performance, functionality, and comfort.

> Children’s Vision Care

Diagnosis of visual problems in a young child can avoid developmental and academic delays. Preventive eye care for school age children is encouraged.

> Emergency Service

Emergent eye care is available during and outside normal office hours for our patients.

> Contact Lenses

Many contact lens options are available for adolescence and adults. Specialty contact lenses are offered for patients over forty, those with unusual prescriptions, and patients desiring to change their eye color. To re-order lenses click here.

Have questions regarding your prescription?

Simply contact our office at 407.333.7333 and we’ll be glad to assist.

> Sunglass Collections

Ultraviolet protection is beneficial to your eye health. You will find a large selection of various sunglasses to wear with or without prescription lenses.

> Treatment of Eye Disease

Logan Eye Care helps to manage all ocular diseases. Dr. Logan has additional training in caring for patients who have cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.

> Refractive Surgery Consultation

Many patients are candidates for a variety of refractive surgeries without ever knowing. Alternative procedures are available for those patients who have previously not been able to reduce their dependency on glasses.

> Driver’s License Examinations

Some patients require a board certified optometric physician to satisfy requirements imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to drive in the state of Florida. We gladly provide appropriate documentation for such patients.