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Can Blue Light Affect Your Vision?

March 26th, 2018

Setting the Facts Straight About Blue Light

Whether you are scrolling through your phone, typing on your laptop or watching a movie on your tablet, your eyes are exposed to blue light.

The largest source of blue light is sunlight, and you often encounter other sources that contain it, like fluorescent lights and LED lights. But, you tend to look at blue light through electronic devices much closer and for longer lengths of time.

We live and work in the digital age and spend hours upon hours every week staring into our screens. So that begs the question, will this consistently close exposure give you eye problems down the road? Let’s take a look.

How Can Blue Light Affect Me?

There is no scientific evidence that shows blue light exposure from your digital devices can negatively affect your vision. The discomfort you feel after staring at a screen is called digital eye strain.

Some recent, laboratory studies have shown that there is a chance that blue light affects light-sensitive cells in your retina (the layer at the back of the eye). These changes in the retina resemble macular degeneration, a disease, which causes vision loss.

Although scientists need to conduct more research to learn how much blue artificial light the human eye can handle, eye doctors are concerned it can increase the risk of macular degeneration. To decrease this possible risk, there are a few options you can weave into your daily life to reduce your blue light exposure.

Ways to Reduce Blue Light Exposure

The 20-20-20 Rule

This rule gives you a break from your electronic devices and helps with digital eye strain. Every 20 minutes, find an object at least 20 feet away and stare at it for 20 seconds. Even though it’s difficult taking multiple breaks for long periods of time, try staying consistent and set an alarm every 20 minutes to remind yourself.

Blue Light Filters

There are a variety of companies that offer screen protectors or built-in technology for phones, tablets and desktops that filter blue light. You don’t have to worry about the filter changing the display or color because these protectors do not heavily distort the viewing experience.

Computer Glasses

Similar to the screen protectors, computer glasses can block blue light. They can be purchased without a prescription or worn along with contacts. But, if you wear eyeglasses, they can be prescribed specifically for when you are looking at electronic devices.

Although scientists haven’t fully discovered the risks of blue light, it’s best to take preventive measures against it to keep our eyes healthy and safe for years to come.

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