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Cataracts diagrams and vision sample

What You Need to Know About Cataracts

June 7th, 2017

June is Cataract Prevention Month, so the team at Logan Eye Care wanted to shed some light on the causes behind cataracts and provide the information and resources you need to preserve the health of your eyes.

Common Symptoms and Signs

By definition, cataracts are a condition where the lenses of your eyes become cloudy, which causes blurred vision. This blurring usually occurs over the span of a couple of years, and can make you feel like you’re staring through fog or a dirty car windshield.

Other symptoms associated with cataracts can include dizziness, irritation, eye pain and pressure.

Typically, excess protein that clumps within the lens is what causes cataracts to first form, but other risk factors include:

  • Diabetes
  • Family history
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Previous eye surgery, injury or inflammation
  • Significant alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and other sources

Ultimately, aging is the most common cause of cataracts, but there are ways to prevent, and in some cases, reverse the effects of cataracts.

Cataract Prevention

There’s contention in the medical community as to whether there’s true preventative measures patients can take.

There have been long-term studies, though, that have shown a correlation between the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants (e.g. green tea, oily fish) and a reduced risk of cataracts. Foods high in Vitamin E (e.g. almonds, spinach, and sunflower seeds) and lutein (i.e. kale and other leafy greens) have also been linked to lower risks of developing cataracts.

Furthermore, wearing protective sunglasses that block the sun’s UV rays can also help reduce the risk of cataracts.

Surgery Options

Currently, the only confirmed way to eliminate cataracts is through a simple and safe surgical procedure. With the invention of newer, more advanced intraocular lenses (IOL), 90% of cataract surgery patients experience near-perfect vision.

At Logan Eye Care, we make it our goal to provide the best eye care available in Lake Mary. If you or a loved one have one of these eye conditions or are experiencing any difficulty with your eyes, schedule your appointment with us today.